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 V A A D A M A L L I

The colour is reminiscent of the deep pinkish purple hues found in the vaadamalli flower, a type of jasmine. In the realm of fashion, vaadamalli-toned garments are highly prized for their association with cultural richness and elegance, often worn during special occasions and celebrations.

Adorn yourself in the sublime beauty of this handwoven soft silk sari, resplendent in a vaadamalli tone. Delicate kolam motifs, intricately woven throughout, whisper tales of tradition. 

The motifs and pallu, adorned in light-toned jari, add a touch of elegance to this cultural masterpiece. Vaadamalli, a symbolic hue in Indian tradition, exudes grace and timeless charm. Indulge in the allure of heritage with this ethereal creation. 


  • Material: Kanjivaram Soft Silk Sari 
  • Border: None
  • Sari Color: Vaadamalli Purple/Pink
  • Blouse Color: Vaadamalli Purple/Pink 
  • Motifs: Peacock
Care Instructions
  • Dry clean